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UCIG Energy is a dynamic global energy company, working with multiple industries to service mission-critical energy needs in a diverse range of locations and circumstances. As an organization, UCIG Energy takes pride in being reliable, efficient, and as ever-evolving as the business climate is today.

We began our operations in 2009, founded with the vision of becoming one of the industry’s most trusted partners in fuel trading & distribution for governments and the private sector, worldwide.

In 2011, we fully commenced operations in Djibouti, with owned terminals, fuel stations, and tankers.

Over the next decade, we expanded worldwide, servicing multiple industries with wide-ranging energy solutions. Since 2009, we have developed a wide network of supply contacts across all three segments in the oil industry, spanning across 5 continents and having operations in over 150 countries. UCIG is now the key player and a supplier of petroleum products of commercial airlines, cargo carriers, private entities, NGOs, defense & military.

UCIG is an aviation fuel supplier, meeting the energy needs of its clients and partners worldwide.

Serving more than 3000 airports worldwide, UCIG has become an essential supplying partner to multiple industries and sectors including:

  • Commercial & Cargo Airlines
  • Major Fuel Producers
  • State Governments
  • Defense
  • NGOs


As a Global Fuel Supplier, UCIG offers a wide range of aviation and ground petroleum products...

Aviation Services

UCIG covers aviation and ground operations in multiple industries...

Defense & Government

Defense Fuel Contracting

UCIG Energy is a defense contractor and a trusted vendor concerning the supply of petroleum products to support militaries around the globe.

Currently, UCIG Energy holds exclusive long-term fuel contracts with militaries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Distribution & Storage

Storage Solutions

• Inventory Level Management

• Storage Facility Installation & Service

• Storage Facility Leasing

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

• Break-bulk Delivery

• Bulk Delivery

• Door-to-Door delivery

• Loading & Discharging Permits

• On-site & Off-site Maintenance

• Turnkey Fuel Logistics

• Terminal Wholesale

Oil & Energy Procurement

Conventional Fuels
Gas Fuels
Renewable Fuels
Lubricants & Specialty
Fuel Performance Support

What makes us different

Our shareholders and managers have a strong professional background in both logistics and oil trading, with more than 30 years’ experience in the sector. This has provided UCIG, a leading Global Energy company with a successful program of management roles in direct support of all its commercial and government activities.

UCIG Energy in numbers

  • 5 offices
  • 45+ products and services
  • 80k cubic meters of storage capacity
  • 90+ employees
  • 120+ million USG of petroleum products supplied annually
  • 150+ countries with UCIG operations
  • 3000+ airports

Our global operations


United Kingdom | Germany | Ireland | Norway | Poland | Estonia | Romania | Italy | Spain | Ukraine | Croatia | Belgium


Middle East

United Arab Emirates | Oman | Saudi Arabia | Kuwait | Turkey | Jordan


South America

Chile | Peru | Brazil | Uruguay | Ecuador | Colombia | Argentina | Venezuela | Paraguay | Curaçao



India | Thailand | Singapore | South Korea | Maldives | China | Central Asia | Sri Lanka | Bangladesh



Djibouti | Algeria | Morocco | Egypt | Kenya | Nigeria | Niger | Cameroon | Somalia | Ethiopia | Sao Tome & Principe | Ivory Coast | Ghana | Burkina Faso | Seychelles | Cape Verde


North America

United States of America | Canada | Mexico | The Bahamas | Trinidad and Tobago | Panama | Puerto Rico | El Salvador