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Social Responsibility at UCIG

United Capital Investment Group invests on behalf of institutional investors across the globe in sectors including Energy, Logistics, Real Estate, and Innovative & Progressive Technologies. UCIG investment advisory and asset management services save millions of dollars across the funds they hold. We strive for targeted focus and optimal flexibility in our operations to ensure our portfolios are lasting and, enhance the efficiency of our partner companies. As responsible investors, we strive to create a long-lasting impact for our investors, shareholders, clients and the society at large.
Public private partnership investor

Our Vision

In helping companies grow, expand and innovate their businesses, We have helped the society at large by generating more jobs, strengthening the economy, and building on new capabilities and technologies across sectors. Stronger, more competitive companies make for a stronger workforce, which in turn leads to a stronger community in the long run. We also offer public private partnership investor projects between the government and private institutions to smoothly finance, build and operate projects in tandem with the community. We follow:
  • Sustainable practices (especially in the area of energy) to protect the environment of the communities we engage with
  • Corporate responsibility by fostering enterprises with sustained economic value and growth prospects
  • Responsible investment decisions in terms of the projects we undertake, the funds we garner, the business practices we adopt, and others.

Socially Responsible Investing

UCIG conforms to the standards and guidelines of public disclosure and transparency in private equity. We propagate the highest standards of ethical investing and are committed to fair practices and transparency with our partners, shareholders, employees, clients, and other involved parties. We aim at partnering with the global consortium in areas of construction, real estate, energy, and technology to educate the stakeholders about sustainability in corporate practices.
We are also culturally responsible, adapting our knowledge and business practices in line with the cultural sensitivities of our partner companies and nations (for example, Tag development in the Middle East and African markets). We base our investment projects on one strong-held principle – provide economic growth, safety and a better lifestyle and environment for the generations to come. Along with the community, economy, and environment, we also focus on human resource development by setting high standards of leadership and workmanship amongst our employees and partner companies. We enhance decision-making, team building, and leadership within the management.