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Aircraft Handling services | Global Energy company | Defense contractor

Established in 2010, UCIG Energy has developed a wide network of supply contracts across all three segments in the oil industry and spanning four continents and over 20 countries of distribution.

Aviation Fuel Supplier | Jet Fuel supplier | Global Fuel Supplier | Fuel trading & distribution | Supplier of petroleum products | Diesel supplier | Gasoline supplier

What makes us different

Our shareholders and managers have a strong professional background in both logistics and oil trading, with more than 30 years’ experience in the sector. This has provided UCIG with a successful program of management roles in direct support of all its commercial and government activities.


Real Estate and Development | Venture capital fund | Supply Chain and Logistics

Tag development is a real estate firm focused on building sustainable commercial and residential development projects that enhance, capture and attract investors through prime locations and high-end finishing in the Middle East and African regions.

Private investment company | Startup investments | Private investment services | Public private partnership investor

What makes us unique

A subsidiary of UCIG the TAG team consists of seasoned developers and board members with extensive knowledge and cultural understanding of operating within the Middle East and Africa. TAG is dedicated to promoting its brand to meet the best of standards and high quality, giving comfort to its investors and customers.

All TAG development projects will provide economic growth, safety and make it a better place to live and improve its environment for future generations.

Tenovos is a new leading enterprise software platform leveraging the latest in modern cloud technologies and machine learning/artificial intelligence to re-define and re-imagine the global marketing digital supply chain.

What makes us unique

Tenovos will provide a dynamic content optimization platform starting from ideation through distribution – enabling enterprises to deliver on their digital transformation and increase brand engagement and drive top-line revenues by having the ability to manage and deliver highly personalized content at scale on a global level.

The Tenovos team brings together over 100 years of industry knowledge and has assembled the leading market influencers and technologists to realize this vision. The team has dedicated its careers to partnering with the enterprise to provide continuous innovation in order to meet the constantly shifting demands of global Fortune 500 clients.