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Aviation Services

To assist our clients with each and every phase of their flight journey, UCIG Energy aims to offer aviation services and support through our dedicated and experienced 24/7 Operations Team.


If you have any fuel, handling and flight support services  requirements, please, contact us at:

ops@ucigae.com | handling@ucigae.com | fuel@ucigae.com

+971 56 224 2742

You can also visit our new FAQ section.

Aviation Fuel Supplier | Flight Support Services | Aircraft Handling services

Operations Support

Aviation Services

• Commercial Fueling Services

• Defense Fueling Services

• Handling Services

• Trip Support Services

• Landing Permits

• Overflight Permits

• Navigation Support

• Flight Planning


• Weather

• Airfield Slots

• Customs Procedures

• Security

• Hotel Arrangements for Crew

• Ground Transportation

• Travel Services

• Catering

Ground Services

• LAB Testing Facilities (ASTM Method)

• VAT Exemptions