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Originating from humble beginnings UCIG has developed into an international powerhouse that stretches across several continents. Today UCIG is a boutique private investment group contributing globally in the sectors of Energy, Logistics, Real Estate, and Innovative & Progressive Technologies.

We attribute our success to an excellent team of well-experienced principals whose hands-on business approach and solid history, leave a well lasting portfolio for our shareholders and further strengthen our companies efficiency. We raise, invest and manage our businesses with the utmost focus and flexibility enabling our companies to quickly adjust to their environment, thus giving optimal returns to our customers, partners and shareholders.

UCIG has established a lasting reputation for reliability with its customers and partners alike due to its commitment to finding new and innovative ways to invest in profitable long-term businesses. We understand that in today’s competitive market, efficiency, focus, and flexibility are required to quickly adjust to our environment, thus giving optimal returns to our customers, partners, and investors.

United Capital Investments Group (UCIG) is more than simply a private equity company, we seek out strategic opportunities that complement our companies’ respective fields of expertise.